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MasterMold is a full-service OEM supplier of custom molded fiberglass reinforced composites with capabilities that include compression/sheet molding, robotic machining/bonding, and robotic painting as well as parts assembly.

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Mastery in Engineering, Strength in Molding, World-Class Painting, and Turn-Key Assembly

From a strict physical capacity standpoint, MasterMold manages 600,000 square feet across multiple plants utilizing 30 presses of extensive sizes, up to 4,000-ton molding capability. Employing a motivated team of 350 professionals – whose years of combined experience add a craftsman’s touch at every step in the component manufacturing process. In fact, it’s our confidence in our core competencies that solidifies MasterMold’s reputation as a trusted manufacturing partner for premier brands across a variety of industries.


MasterMold’s team of professional engineers offers support, expertise, and insight in the operation of molding, painting, and assembly.

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Robotic Painting

With multiple state-of-the-art robotic paint systems, MasterMold provides part Class A painting solutions.

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MasterMold, and its experienced staff of engineers, has the ability to meet all of your composite needs from prototype to low/high volume production.

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From applying product seals to connecting hinges or switches, MasterMold’s trained on-site staff and collaborative robotics can see your part through any required sub-assembly process.

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Robotic Machining & Bonding

MasterMold, a leader in robotic manufacturing, can execute secondary design features that complete or complement prefabricated parts.

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Quality & Sustainability

MasterMold designs quality into each step of the manufacturing process, while minimizing the impact on our environment.

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Technology-driven business innovation

Industries Served

Agriculture & Construction Industry

MasterMold is home to some of the biggest presses and paint lines, which makes manufacturing large parts for agricultural and construction vehicles straightforward and efficient.

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Industrial Electronic Enclosures

MasterMold offers UL certified and ROH/REACH-approved materials that are specifically formulated for UV stability, fire retardation, and noise suppression.

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Transportation & Automotive Industry

Along with our ability to offer a wide range of painted finishes, MasterMold is the best choice for mass transportation vehicles.

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Power Generation

For 30+ years, MasterMold has served a major role in providing waste and water treatment parts to electrical and nuclear generation plants.

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Marine Industry

Fiberglass reinforced plastics are ideally suited for the water, and MasterMold has supplied parts to the marine industry for over 30 years.

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Institutional Seating

Seating: Buses, trains, stadiums, public services buildings, and even interior design/home use -- MasterMold is a leader in providing fiberglass-reinforced plastic across a variety of seating applications.

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Proudly Headquartered in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin(USA)

Johnson Creek Headquarters, Wisconsin (USA)

Johnson Creek

111 Grell Lane
Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Phone: (920) 699-2711


Watertown Location


141 Ensch St.
Mauston, WI 53948
Phone: (608) 847-1185


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