Preform Molding

Used in the Composite Industry for over Sixty Years

Like compression molding, preform molding creates parts with excellent mechanical and structural properties. The difference between the two processes is flexibility. Preform molded parts are manufactured with a uniform distribution of glass fibers and strategic placement of glass reinforcements that increase durability and flexibility in high-stress areas. Preforms are used in a variety of structural component applications regardless of volume.

Preform Molding Press

Our ability to provide preform reinforced fiberglass products in extreme depths and large sizes makes us a leader in this process.

  • Depth Capabilities of 3-4 feet
  • 36”, 48” and 80” 4 stage rotary equipment allows for molding very large parts.

Preform molding offers excellent mechanical and structural materials with flexible properties. Preform molding also boasts similar performance characteristics to compression molding.

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