MasterMold History

MasterMold was originally founded in 1983

Since its start, MasterMold has grown the business by meeting the needs of its customer base through advancements and efficiencies in manufacturing processes.

35 years ago, the company’s main focus was in the area of open hand layup molding. Delivering customers quality products on time, and at good prices, presented MasterMold the opportunity to enter into higher volume molding through pre-form and compression molding processes.

A reputation for expert craftsmanship paved the way for MasterMold’s state-of-the-art paint system. Customers were able to receive parts with custom paint finishes, which expedited their own manufacturing processes. Today, MasterMold can complete all sub-assemblies as well, so customers can go from blueprint to final assembly without any additional handling.

As the demand grew for quality skill sets, MasterMold expanded by adding multiple locations throughout Wisconsin. This expansion added capacity in all areas of molding, painting, and assembly, as well as offered true contingency planning since equipment and processes are duplicated and mirrored at each facility.

MasterMold continues to lead the way in the advancement of manufacturing through continual improvement and investments in technology. Robotics in key areas allows for accuracy and precision in repetitive processes, such as molding, bonding, secondary operations, and assemblies. With the addition of a cutting-edge RFID system, customers now have traceability of their products and even greater confidence in overall product quality.

Request a Factory Tour

Would you like a factory tour of any of our facilities? Contact us by either filling out the online contact form or calling our headquarters in Johnson Creek, WI: (920) 699-2711.