Composite, Fiberglass & Reinforced Plastic Molding

Composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Are Used in a Variety of Products and Industries

Offering a wide range of fiberglass molding processes, MasterMold – and its experienced staff of engineers – has the ability to meet all of your composite needs from prototype or low-volume production to high-volume production.

This depth of capability, combined with cutting-edge equipment and facilities for machining, bonding, painting, and final assembly, yields a greater range of available manufacturing services for our customers. More options provide greater possible solutions, convenience and cost savings.


By molding an RFID tag into your part, our system will be able to tell you what temperatures your part is molded at, the pressures used, cycle times as well as other details in the molding process.

Molding Services

Few companies in the fiberglass molding industry can match the variety of composite molding technologies available at MasterMold.

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