Industries Served

From Vehicles to Enclosures – MasterMold Serves a Broad Range of Industries

How did MasterMold gain expert knowledge of component parts in a variety of industries? Over thirty years of intensive experience using the newest materials and processes have provided an in-depth understanding of each industry’s particular requirements. MasterMold knows how to build component parts that last – completed on time and on budget!

Industry Experience

Agriculture & Construction Industry

MasterMold is home to some of the biggest presses and paint lines, which makes manufacturing large parts for agricultural and construction vehicles straightforward and efficient.

Marine Industry

Fiberglass reinforced plastics are ideally suited for the water, and MasterMold has supplied parts to the marine industry for over 30 years.

Power Generation

For 30+ years, MasterMold has served a major role in providing waste and water treatment parts to electrical and nuclear generation plants.

Transportation & Automotive Industry

Along with our ability to offer a wide range of painted finishes, MasterMold is the best choice for mass transportation vehicles.

Industrial Electronic Enclosures

MasterMold offers UL certified and ROH/REACH-approved materials that are specifically formulated for UV stability, fire retardation, and noise suppression.

Institutional Seating

Seating: Buses, trains, stadiums, public services buildings, and even interior design/home use -- MasterMold is a leader in providing fiberglass-reinforced plastic across a variety of seating applications.

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