Agriculture & Construction Industry

Large Presses For The Agricultural And Construction Industries

Our large presses and paint lines are built to manufacture sizable parts for the construction and agricultural industries, as well as provide Class A, color-matched finishes. MasterMold’s experienced engineers help guide you in choosing designs that are cost effective, complement brand quality standards, and are industry regulation compliant. For lower volume vehicles, we can build low cost tooling, as well as utilize our open molding hand layup processes to provide high strength parts.

Industrial applications and products produced by MasterMold include:

  • Hoods, Roofs and Fenders
  • Heat Shields, Battery Trays, Floors and Structural Reinforcement

Does your application require a large press or a sophisticated paint line?

Give your product an advantage in the marketplace by working with our design professionals to make parts stronger, faster, less expensive, and better looking. Contact us by either filling out the online contact form or calling our headquarters in Johnson Creek, WI: (920) 699-2711.