Composite Materials Engineering Services

Complete Engineering & Molding Design Services – From Concept to Boxed and Ready to Ship

MasterMold’s team of professional engineers offers support and expertise throughout the manufacturing process. Each member takes a careful, collaborative approach that allows customers insight into the operation of component molding, as well as design and development.

Sometimes, however, you may require more than guidance and resources, which is why our engineering services are concierge to any business need. Let us create a prototype of your component part for an investor presentation, perform intensive simulation testing to help back up “the best” product or service in your industry, and develop a logistics management plan to keep the project on time and on budget. We’re your convenient, one-stop-shop for molded, painted, assembling, tested, boxed and shipped all under one roof!

Tooling & Design Engineering

Working alongside your engineers, our tooling experts will help you create compression molding tools with the most advanced features and capabilities.

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Material Development & Assistance

Technology has advanced, allowing us to offer composites with a variety of capabilities – hailing from sustainable supply sources – all in an effort to produce materials that are best for your product’s performance.

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Product Design

Eliminate the need for secondary processes and cut project costs - MasterMold’s engineers can execute design enhancements that complete or complement your parts.

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MasterMold has a team of plastic industry engineers with years of combined experience to add quality at every step in the component manufacturing process.

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