Mastery in Engineering, Strength in Molding, Painting, and Assembly

Today’s MasterMold reputation is built on decades of craftsmanship in reinforced plastic molding. This tradition is expanded by capabilities in compression molding or sheet molding compound, painting and assembly. The cost-effective finished fiberglass components we create are utilized by satisfied customers in a wide variety of industries.

If you go beyond the numbers to talk with MasterMold customers, they will speak of confidence as well as capability. Their assurance comes from MasterMold’s team of plastic industry professionals, who use years of combined experience to add quality at every step in the component manufacturing process. This craftsman’s touch improves everything from the blueprint to the boxed, ready-to-ship finished product.

It is this confidence that has made us the trusted manufacturing partner of premier customers in a wide range of industries. Call us, and investigate the ways MasterMold’s traditional excellence can play a valuable role in your company’s future.

MasterMold Solutions

We’re your convenient, one-stop-shop for molded parts with services including molding, manufacturing, painting, assembling, testing, boxing, and shipping all under one roof!

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