Transportation & Automotive Industry (Trucks, Trains & Recreational Vehicles)

Automotive & Motorcycles Industries

MasterMold uses the most advanced composite materials to meet your part needs (such as strength and surface finish). Lightweight, low-density compounds offer improved weight-to-strength ratios while also yielding stylish design.

Home to cutting-edge robotic paint and clear coat systems; MasterMold knows high quality surface finishes. Your car and motorcycle parts can be delivered with expert color match, graphics application, and badging/branding – saving you additional part handling costs.

Items produced by MasterMold include:

  • Body panels, Trunk Lids, Hoods, Fenders, Liftgates, Tops, Fairings (inner & outer), Saddlebags, Tour Packs and Doors
  • Engine component (valve covers, oil pans)
  • Under body shields, heat shields, battery covers and trays
  • Structural reinforcement and floor panels

MasterMold Is The Best Choice For Mass Transportation Vehicles

The use of FRP in the mass transit industry is ideal for both interior and exterior parts. It is fire/smoke retardant, strong, UL certified, and ROHS/REACH approved. MasterMold is adept at parts testing, custom composite creation and maintaining exact standards during mass production. We also have a wide range of Class A painted finishes and textures, making MasterMold the best choice for all mass transportation vehicles, including buses, trains, planes, motorcycles, and trucks.

Industrial applications and products produced by MasterMold include:

  • Seats, Roofs, Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Front Facias and body panels

What can advanced robotic paint systems with exact color match capabilities do for you?

Give your product an advantage in the marketplace by working with our design professionals to make parts stronger, faster, less expensive, and better looking. Contact us by either filling out the online contact form or calling our headquarters in Johnson Creek, WI: (920) 699-2711.