Robotic Painting

State-of-the-Art, Fully Robotic Paint Systems

MasterMold has some of the most technologically advanced paint systems in the world. Fully automated, and capable of handling extremely small parts (as well as those that are up to 12 feet high and 12 feet long), our paint systems are also equipped with multiple stage wash systems, automatic dryers, and robotic paint booths for prime, base/color, and clear coats.

Additionally, our unique, custom RFID system allows tracking for each step that occurs to your painted parts. This process ensures that each part is manufactured consistently, and allows MasterMold to drive continuous process improvements.

Our experience has also made it possible to process unique finishes, such as two-tone painted parts, custom pin striping, and graphics.

MasterMold’s engineers work with you at each step of the process to meet the desired finish requirements. Other paint services – such as providing assistance in determining the best part design for painting, developing custom fixtures and robotic program paths – all contribute to reduced part startup lead-time. Color match liquid paints and expert product testing give you confidence in knowing that your paint finish will meet industry requirements for UV stability, chip resistance, humidity and gloss.

MasterMold offers very advanced methods to create detailed custom looks in a production environment. From textures, 2-tones, custom painted stripes and pinstripes, blended fades, wet slides and graphics to be laser located and protected by the clear coat finish are just a few of the many effects their engineering team can offer.

Once in production, MasterMold visually inspects each piece as it completes the final cure. Light tunnels allow operators to ensure parts are meeting the specifications required under various conditions.

Final inspection of parts is completed in conjunction with the RFID system. Inspectors use the most advanced communication systems to quickly and efficiently ensure parts are to spec before sending them to final packaging or assembly.


Your part will travel through the paint system, and the RFID embedded tag will trace all the paint processes that occur to your part, such as: wash times and temperatures, paint colors (along with details with of the paint processes), and final cure time/temperatures.

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